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Patient Solidarity Day

equal and affordable healthcare for all.

Project Description

Patient Solidarity Day, Mumbai, December 9th 2014 Mumbai celebrated Patient Solidarity Day on 9th of December. New Delhi observed this day on the 6th of December. Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) India, Consumer Online Foundation and International Alliance of Patients’ Organisation (IAPO) had come together to celebrate this day and call for universal health coverage (UHC). Patient Solidarity Day 2014 is to highlight the importance of patient-centric healthcare. It is to draw the attention to the need to access to high quality, equal and affordable healthcare for all. Partner organizations will provide a platform to all patient groups and speak with one voice, to show solidarity and to increase awareness. Healthcare was an important component of BJP’s Election Manifesto during 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Patient centric organizations and the general public are eagerly awaiting concrete steps that the Government will take in bringing affordable and quality medicines to the patients. So far, this is only a dream for Indians. More and more Indians are susceptible to hypertension, diabetes, heart ailments, various forms of cancers and other serious health problems. These health issues are now prevalent in our society at epidemic proportions. These ailments no longer happen to “them” or “others”, today, they can happen to “us”, to “anyone”. Any long-term health problems destroy families, relationships and economic balance of communities. Making quality medicines accessible is the least we can do for the citizens. Idea of this special day is to bring people together cutting across religious, class, caste, disease and nationality lines. Because a person in sickness, accident, disability or any health related issue needs it the most! Through Patient solidarity, partner organizations want to create more awareness about Generic medicines. Contrary to popular belief, the generic medicines are of very good quality and highly effective. Their availability is critical to bringing down high costs of healthcare in a developing country such as India. This day proposes to bring all stake holders, including, Government, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), Central Drug Standards Control Organisation (CDSCO), Medical Council of India and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on board to educate citizens to demand GENERIC MEDICINES and to demand easy ACCESS to Quality Healthcare. Other objectives include 1. Implementation of the 'National Health Assurance Mission' by Government of India and State governments with focus on reducing Out of Pocket (OOP) spending for the common man. 2. Encourage sale of generic Medicines without compromising on the quality of a universally accessible health care system. 3. To draft a transparent and comprehensive healthcare policy that keeps up with the dynamic challenges and continuous changes in the complex Health Care systems. All stake holders ought to closely work with patient-consumer organisations to ensure effective implementation of the Government programs for elders and patients suffering from chronic and rare diseases. Also to connect the existing Toll Free Helplines managed by partner organizations on behalf of Government of India to encourage feedback and seek ideas on the improvement of JAN AUSHADHI and SAFE MEDICINES. Following activities are proposed,  Developing communication tools like copy of advertisements and posters to convey the key messages to the citizens on accessibility and affordability of safe medicines.  Organising various public events, atleast three in three months, to educate the citizens on accessing the safe and quality healthcare, with focus on sale of generic medicines.  Start drafting the New Health care Policy 2014 and the blueprint for implementation of the “National Health Assurance Mission” with focus on immediate coverage for the poor.

Project Details

Date: 9th December, 2014
Client: Consumer Conexion.